Thank You!

The world has completely changed with new technology. And, it is continually changing with so many new innovations and creativity. It is a time that we can all say 'Thank You' for the opportunities are tremendous and sky is the limit to those who have the guts and courage to use what is available to better themselves and achieve their dreams.

One can become an instant journalist without complete a formal schooling due to available technology to do journalistic endeavors. Blogging, social media postings, video productions, live streaming, etc. are easy way to communicate to various audiences.

Preaching God's great news of salvation is now available outside of church pulpits. Street corner preachers have more opportunities to extend and amplify the proclamation through social media and other new technology. In fact, there are now so many virtual churches anywhere in the world. They are doing God's work way easier than ever before.

It's time to say 'Thank You' for the new technology! But are we using them for the glory of God!

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