Our Ministries

While our church communities offer the regular celebration of the Mass and other sacraments, they also offer many ministries to better serve the People of God. Among the many ministries, the following are ongoing in our church communities.

Christian Learning

Children and Youth Ministries are critically necessary. Our church communities care for the young and you adult as they pursue life at their early stage. Helping them know that they are loved by a great God who walks with them every single day is very important.

Faith Experience

Sacraments are excellent encounters of God's merciful blessings for us. They are nurturing our faith experience and lead us to communion with God. It's our faith experience and our journey with God.

Ministry to Poor and Homeless

We are called to serve the poor and needy among us. We care for the homeless and poor families around our church communities. They are a growing population all over the world while progress and prosperity are enjoyed by the few. Our acts of love is our humble service to God's preferential option for the poor.

Worship Ministry

Worship is our highest form of celebrating the greatness of our God! We are called to worship and we gather in communion as God's People to acknowledge the amazing presence of God. Worship is our loving response as children of God.

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Catholic Unity & Clergy  Support

We are committed to Catholic unity and  help married clergy and seminarians get back to active ministry. We believe that they are called by God to serve the people entrusted to their care.

Community Building

We promote the very foundation of the church by developing disciples and building church communities based on families which are domestic churches.

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